Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Free Up Some Stitching Time

Wednesday should be sort of a relief, right? You can look back at Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday and think, "Thank goodness that's behind me." You only have Thursday and Friday to get through. I always think, "Oh crap, I only have a couple days to do all that stuff!" The first weeks of school are terrible like that.

That's why I knit. That's why I carry knitting with me everywhere I go. When I get overwhelmed, pessimistic, or just sleepy and need a break, I pull out a project. I've carried Wispy around all week and haven't knit a stitch except maybe on the bus Monday. I just have too much to do!

But I keep toting it around, hoping for a quiet moment between tasks or class that I can't fill with reading, snacking, or some other short menial task. That moment just hasn't come yet. It's actually been a pretty great incentive to work hard in the evenings to get my work done so I can knit during my catch-up times during the day. We'll see if it pays off with some knitting time tomorrow. :)

Now, if only I could run and knit at the same time, I'd double my daytime knitting....

When do you knit? Do you set blocks of time during the day or just pick it up when you have a moment? Surely you carry knitting with you everywhere too? What sorts of projects do you tote?

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  1. I drag a big knitting bag everywhere too- just in case. I sometimes regret the sweater in my bag at the grocery store, but I keep dragging them with me. It is my version of relaxation and sometimes the only concrete thing that gets "finished" in my day. Lately I've carried a smaller bag with socks to the store or out to eat and that's much easier.

  2. I knit and crochet because they help to keep all the thoughts in my head quiet. Knitting and crocheting help me to relax and think in a more organized manner. I knit and crochet whenever I am sitting and not doing anything else. I knit during class, during church, in the car, on the bus etc. Sometimes I am too tired to even knit or crochet but the general rule is that if I am sitting( and not doing work) I am either knitting, crocheting or reading.

  3. oh there's always knitting with me!n everywhere i go!

    i've only recently started carrying in progress socks around with me and leaving larger projects at home for the evening/tv watching knitting time. we'll see how this works in the long run...

  4. small knitting--usually a vanilla sock--and with school in full swing, there are departmental meetings/lectures/etc, where knitting saves my life

  5. what? it ate my comment while I was remembering my password to prove my bona fides? grr. need some knitting to calm down. Always, usually a small sock bag and a vanilla sock. Now that the year is in full gear, there are department meetings and lectures that are all but mandatory--a girl's got to survive, and so does this old lady


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