Friday, January 17, 2014

One Down, Many More to Go

I told you last week that this was an easy finish. How long do you think it took me to get around to it between last week and today? Again, too long.

Scaled Armor

Pattern: Scallop of the Sea by Katie Canavan of Holla Knits
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Woodland in Fern and Prussian Blue
Needles: US 6
Project Page

I would venture to say that most patterns I'm drawn to on Ravelry are because of the photo on the pattern page. If I'm on the fence about it, I'll look at photos of the finished objects for a couple fabulous pics to sway me. Sometimes, I see one amazing finished object and trace it back to a pattern I would have otherwise overlooked or dismissed. This is a case of the latter. Let me tell you, before I properly got to know her (as much as that is possible in Ravelry groups and through blog posts), Michelle (of  My So-Called Handmade Life, and mamatronic on Ravelry) and her stunning photos of her perfect finished objects inspired me to pursue projects that I was hemming and hah-ing about. This is probably the only one I've finished, but that has nothing to do with her leading me astray. I'm just easily distracted. :)

I spotted her photos in my Ravelry friends page and found a link to her blog post about this great clutch. It's just so functional and finished! I think I was really drawn to the challenge of lining it.I found the perfect fabric at the yarn store I mentioned last week and took it to my grandma's. She helped me decipher the instructions and sew it up. I think it turned out damn-near perfect (for my rather poor handmade standards, that is ;]).

Mine is a cover for my Surface tablet. I needed it a year ago. it is at last. :) The big pocket is a bit of a hindrance for tablet insertion. I have a bit of fabric left over, so I might put a flap on it. the interfacing I chose is also a bit heavier than I needed, but it should help protect the tablet, I suppose.

The yarn is surprisingly great. It has nettles in it, so I thought it might be rough on the hands. It wasn't. Ginny's Cardigan calls for this same yarn and I'm considering getting enough to make it. I don't know that it's wearably soft, but it's not bad. It blocks beautifully and has a lovely sheen. I picked it because the colors were great, but also because I knew I needed a hard-wearing fabric for the use I expect this thing to get. The nettles are just the fiber.

It's been too long for me to give any knitting notes. Hopefully I have some on the project page if you need any. :) Now, onto the next Michelle-inspired, too-old, so-close-to-finished project: my Corona Camisole (it only needs straps :P).

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  1. Ah! I can't believe you said all this. So kind! It's so funny how this knitting friend thing works- I still remember two of your FOs that I loved, before I "knew" you. They were Beatnik and the striped Tree-lined sweater. I remember thinking, "Man! I wish I could do something like that." You had all sorts of knits I'd never done or even thought of doing. Eventually I did do a a Beatnik (still haven't knit Treeline). You are definitely an inspiration, Vanessa. Lately, I find myself thinking about your Sedum. I have stuff queued for days, but have thoughts like, "It's bulky, it'll be so fast." and " I could use Patons.... It would be so cheap." Seriously, I thought about it Saturday at Joanns. They happened to have nothing more than 3 balls of anything, but otherwise, I might have done it. And Corona Camisole? It's going to be so cute on you!

    1. Thanks, Michelle. :) Ravelry is really great for all sorts of inspiration and connections. The Treeline pattern is sort of a mess, so be careful when you get to it, but Sedum will be quick and super cute, so get on it when you find the yarn! :D

  2. Oh yeah! Your Scallop is fantastic! My two favorite colors in what has to be the coolest tablet case in existence.


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