Friday, October 31, 2014

Told You it was a Quick Hat

I promised you a hat and this time I'm delivering on my blog promise. :)


Pattern: Stovetop from Road Trip by tincanknits
Yarn: Swans Island Natural Colors Merino Worsted in Teal
Needles: US 6 & 8

I knit this hat in 2 days! It was easy and fun, something I haven't had in a knitting project for at least a month, haha. I had the amazing luck of winning the ebook during Very Shannon's Summer Sweater KAL (during which I managed to finish zero sweaters :P). There are a lot of really fantastic patterns in the book. This one looked like it would provide me with instant gratification and I was not disappointed.

I could have made it a size larger, I suppose, but I don't think I'll have to worry about it falling off my head at the size it is now. I do wish it were a touch longer because I love my hats super slouchy, but it's cute. The yarn is an odd skein that didn't match the dye lot of the three others I used to make Jules recently. It really did a number on my fingers. They were so blue from the dye that they looked bruised! For as soft as Swans Island is, I'm not sure I love it enough to put up with the blues bleeding on me that much again (this was the third go-'round). It rinses out in a snap and I haven't noticed it leaving any other traces around since the wash, so it's fine now, I hope.

Happy Halloween! John's been comping for the last couple weeks, so we haven't carved our pumpkins (yet). We're hoping for a chill night getting those pumpkins carved while watching a (not scary:P) movie. :) I dressed up because my students insisted. I don't have any costumes, so I improvised:

I'm a ghost! I guess. :) John said maybe the ghost from The Ring, but he thought I was stretching it. I was, haha. Have a great weekend! See you Monday!


  1. Love the hat! What a fast knit, 2 days!
    Your 'costume' looks pretty too, a bit like Carrie from Stephen King :-)

  2. Wow only 2 days, that is super fast! Love the hat, very cute with the pompom.

    1. Thanks! I think everything needs a pom pom. I have half a mind to just add pom poms to every hat I've made so far.... ;)


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