Friday, June 29, 2012


I love my feet. I always have. They have a funny tan line from my flats, which I wear non-stop all summer long. I don't wear socks in the summer. But now I'll have to start.

Mojito Sockettes

Pattern: Ballet School Drop Out Sockettes by Inspire Knits
Yarn: Holiday Yarns FlockSock Sock Yarn in Milky Way
Needles: US 1
Project Page

I was skeptical of this pattern and tried to change it too much without having to at all, but it all worked out in the end. It's the perfect way for someone with teeny tiny feet like me to use up that obnoxiously large amount of yarn leftover after a pair of socks! I haven't made a ton of socks yet, but I'm digging all the leftovers out for these guys.

I just cast on another pair that I think I can get done tonight. I am doing them two-at-time. This time I will make them a bit longer (one of these Mojito ones is really too tight) and do toe decreases every round because I love toe cleavage! I did mention I love my feet, right? If I can make this second pair right, they will save my heels from my favorite pair of heel-murdering shoes. Since I have to stretch these ones so much they don't stay up very well on the back of my foot, so now I have skinned heels. :P

I love the way the colors really pop in these sockettes. I used the yarn originally for a shawl and the color doesn't come out much in 2-row stripes, but it's beautiful.

Good news with You, Me, and the Moon: it's great! It's not long enough, but that's the only thing I'll have to change. I'll have it for you in a few weeks, probably. I've got other things to knit. ;)

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  1. ooh, i've been meaning to try these forever! i like the little color pops, too! i have a gigantic jar filled only with leftover skeins of sock yarn...

    good news about your sweater, too! i'm glad you don't have to undo hours and hours of work! that's always so disheartening.

    1. They really are oddly rewarding to make. Who knew you could make socks with so little yarn?!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. your sockettes are so cute! I should look up the pattern so I can make some for myself.

    1. They are so fun! You should! Thanks for coming over to mine! :)

  3. Those are just adorable! I love them! I can definitely see why you want to cast on many, many more.


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