Monday, October 21, 2013

Winter Prep

It's supposed to snow tomorrow. That means it's time to organize my highly unorganized winter accessories bin. Right now it works on a messy system of shove in, dig out. I can't find pairs of anything unless I keep them in my coat pocket.

With a cold week ahead, I had better bring some sort of order to this mess. It's actually fun to lay out the piles of accessories and think about knitting them.

Most are leftovers from sweaters. Some are from friends. Others, I knit so quickly that I haven't thought about them. How can you dig for something you forgot exists? Above is my meager pile of mitts. I may grow it a bit this season.

These are the cowls. I typically wear one a season. I have a spring one, a fall one, and a holy-crap-it-is-freezing-outside one. There are a few more in there. They see action at my whim.

My hats pile is the biggest. Here's a prime example of things I forgot I had knit! I have a running hat and a red hat I just didn't remember. I love hats! Winter hats make me sort of like winter. But only sort of. Fall and spring are also acceptable hat seasons. Who needs winter, really?

There! That's more like it! Now if I have to go anywhere in the snow (aaagh!) tomorrow, I'll be ready to grab a hat, mitts, cowl, or scarf (they weren't interesting enough to photograph, trust me. I'm a cowl convert) and brave the chill.

Which are your favorite seasonal (not just winter!) accessories? Do you have a bin by the door too? I borrowed the idea from Thea Colman, who has a basket by her front door. I don't know where I kept all this stuff before then!

I'm going to cozy up under my coziest work-in-progress and stare at the Weather Channel now. See you soon!


  1. wow you have a lot of hats and winter knitted collection! I'm jealous :P I can't wait to have a huge collection of hats, scarves, and mittens I've knitted :)
    Take care,

    1. Thanks! Looking at it again, I really do have quite a collection. :S You should see my sweater piles. :D

  2. What I collection, looks like your ready for winter!

    1. I grew up in Idaho! If there's one thing I know, it's how to be ready for winter! :)

  3. ooooh, that cream cowl is prettttty! i'm off to ravelry to hunt it down on your projects page!

    i've been meaning to mention that the mitts you made me have been getting a lot of play this autumn, especially when we're shooting PoPS! you should be able to see them a few times in the next episode!


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