Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Slump

I've been knitting like crazy on Frontenac. It looks more like a scarf right now than anything else, so I'll just save you the progress shot until it's done next week. It better be done next week!

I had to cut so many roots off this guy!
Today, I worked on my repotting and watering my orchids and now that I'm thoroughly worn out, I'm debating whether to restart my boot sock or move on to a dog sweater. The dog sweater sounds pretty good because I haven't started it, and so, haven't messed it up yet!

A red dog sweater! So cute! Should I start?
Last week was just an epic knitting failure week for me. To begin, I had the gauge trouble with Hayward. I still haven't restarted it. Then, I ran out of yarn halfway through the foot of my boot sock. I had to frog the whole sock so I can modify it to be shorter and fit my foot a little more snugly. Then, I ran out of black yarn on my Frontenac three rows too soon (if I hadn't done the long-tail cast-on, I would have had just enough! Curse you, long-tail cast-on!) and now I'm worrying whether I have enough of the white to finish the sweater. I'm trucking on. One of my LYSes should have a white skein if I need it.

But there is good knitting news, too! I finished two projects this week: a months-old pair of socks and the test knit I've been slogging away on for a month and a half. I'll show you the socks Friday. They are probably my favorite!

How do you get through knitting nightmares? Just keep going or give it a rest for a bit? Do you have a no-fail pattern that helps you through when nothing else seems to be working? I'm totally at a loss and would love some advice!


  1. I've had a real problem with socks lately (only 2 pairs, but still) and I found that putting them to one side and doing something completely different seemed to help. I don't like doing the same pattern twice, so no fall-back pattern, but I just choose something that seems simple and satisfying.

  2. oh no! so frustrating!

    honestly, if i want to see something through, i need to start fixing the problem IMMEDIATELY. the moment it gets shoved in a corner so i can have my space from it, it is relegated to a usual time of 2 years waiting there, and at that point it's a coin toss as to whether i finish it or frog it. so, if you're committed, i say start working on the solution now.


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